What We Do

We belong to the largest non-profit advocacies with legally binding agreements with all the major lenders/servicers and investors (i.e. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac). We can sit with you one on one in front of several of the large lenders face to face.

We will try and help you with:
Assistance with a refinance, principal reduction or loan modification.
Avoiding foreclosure.
If you decide to short sale your home, we may be able to qualify you to get up to $35,000 from your lender.
How long can I live in my house?
What if I have tenants?
Can a friend or relative buy my house and rent or sell it back to me later?
So called “Investors” are knocking at my door
Why am I getting all of this foreclosure rescue mail?
How will this affect my credit and when can I buy a house again?